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Advanced research concept
Relying on high-tech military industrial technology of the 41st Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, our company implements technical innovation and developing strategy of “possessing intellectual property rights for key technologies and products” to improve its core competence. It insists on original and centralized innovation. Through penetrating poultry breeding industry with our research power, we will do our best to lead development of manufacture industry of national poultry breeding electronics. 
Keen witted R&D team
The company has always paid special attention to construction of its R&D team. It is equipped with a team joined by technical leaders in this industry and well-educated engineers with energy and rich practical experience.
Currently, the strong R&D team has maintained over fifty engineers. Among them, one with a PhD and three have master’s degrees. There are ten senior engineers, eight engineers, five assistant engineers and thirty technicians. The R&D team is subdivided into several project teams to satisfy multi-levels and multi-aspects requirements of the R&D job.
Professional R&D platform
We are equipped with CAD (Computer Aided Design), EDA (Electronic Design Automatic), EWIAR (software development platform, simulation platform), CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning) and other advanced measures to develop our products. We also adopt testing equipment that manifests domestic advanced level, such as wind speed field, airflow field, temperature field, etc to make sure that the R&D begins from high starting point, possesses good quality and progresses in impressed efficiency.
Excellent and substantial R&D results
Our R&D personnel have always been working in the forefront of the poultry breeding industry so as to perceive market trends and understand customers’ requirements. We fully respect and embody our customers’ intelligence by carrying out their opinions in our design, production, testing and generalization. For all these years, we have lead and will go on standing in the front row of automation progress of domestic poultry raising industry. In order to generate a close relationship regarding manufacture, study and research, the R&D team interacts with well-known domestic universities and institutes so as to maintain its technological precedence and push forward update of our products.
Standard R&D management
Our management has been guided by the market and pursuing clients’ satisfaction. We select projects based on market-orientation and formulate objectives per customers’ expectations. We operate the R&D by following ISO9001 program files and operation instruction strictly.

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