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Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd and Qingdao Free Trade Zone EI Electronic Co., Ltd focus on developing, manufacturing and providing services for EI incubation equipment, hatchery hall accessories and feeding control apparatus. In China, they have the largest sales and scales in researching, producing and offering services for incubating equipment and accessories, and thus are a dominant force in the industry.
There are two manufacturing streamlines: one was set up in 1984 in Bengbu City, with an annual capacity of 3500 incubators; the other was established in 1995 in Qingdao City, with an annual capacity of 4500. These years, both lines have introduced advanced equipment from abroad (including Switzerland, Germany and etc.), thus managing to set up the Precision Machinery Processing Center, automatic PCB Assembly Line and Heat-Insulated Board production line. With intelligent equipment and advanced technologies, the company has greatly enhanced working efficiency and product quality, and built up a perfect service system for pre-sales, sales and after-sales stages.
EI incubation equipment becomes the only domestic product to pass ISO9001 Assessment in 1998. Through these years, they have achieved a lot in challenging the science peak: in 1994 a modern tunnel incubator was born; in the same year, EI incubator equipment won the “National Star Program Prize”; in 1995 came the first fuzzy control incubator in the world; in 1997 EI incubator equipment won the “Technical Invention Star Prize” conferred by United Nations Technical Information System; Year 1999 witnessed the birth of the intelligent incubator with Chinese Display. “Faithful to promises” and “Build an Everlasting Brand” are our managing concepts and persistent goal. Taking up over 70% of domestic market share, EI incubatory equipment are also exported to countries including South Korea, Burma, Russia, Tunisia and Cuba.
In the future, we shall continue devoting our efforts to improving poultry equipment, meeting user’s demands and striving with colleague for the future of the poultry industry in China.

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