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VIV moved to Nanjing, EI Electronics attend the exhibition in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasti


The 2018 China International Intensive Animal Husbandry Exhibition, sponsored by the National Animal Husbandry Station, Beijing Taike Convention and Exhibition Center and VNU European Exhibition Group, closed at the Nanjing International Exposition Center on September 19. VIV moved to Nanjing this time, EI Electronics attend the exhibition in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.


During the exhibition, customers and partners from Indonesia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Syria and other countries came to the company's booth to understand the latest product trends of EI Electronics and share the current situation and trends of poultry industry in various countries. The new 57600 incubator, tailored for the overseas market, which has been exhibited many times and still shows great interest.


The new 57600 incubator is being gradually accepted by customers in overseas because of its flexible incubation methods, convenient sanitation and epidemic prevention and better chick quality. Biosafety is a very important issue for both the industry and consumers. The product featuring the improvement of biosafety will inevitably attract customers' attention. Simple structure, ultrasonic humidifying, pneumatic egg turning and single outlet ventilation are conducive to the optimal design of anti-epidemic products. It not only contributes to the cost of products, but also has a lower failure rate, and reduces the service and operating costs.


Looking to the world and participating in international competition is the only way for the development of China's breeding machinery and the established development goal of EI Electronics. In recent years, EI Electronics has a deep insight into the development trend of aquaculture equipment and engineering. Through the deep integration of intelligent aquaculture equipment, Internet of Things technology, logistics automation and production informatization, we have taken the lead in putting forward and implementing the "hatching 4.0" intelligent factory project worldwide.



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