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Duck hatchery Equipment Upgrade is Aimed at Improving Efficiency and Health.


As long as the attributive "tunnel" is added to the equipment name, the labels of "high efficiency" and "automation" come with them. This applies equally to tunnel egg washer. At present, the large-scale duck hatchery mostly uses the vertical egg washer, adopts box structure that each time can wash two trolleys. In customer and product satisfaction surveys, we got the feedback: the use of vertical egg washer, high labor intensity, process cumbersome, changing washing liquid frequently. When pulling trolleys, workers are exposed to the pungent hypochlorite environment easily. The average egg washing efficiency is only 5,000-8,000 eggs per hour. For large duck hatchery with a hatching capacity of 200,000-400,000 eggs per day, a large number of egg washers are needed and more staffs are needed accordingly. Any product is iteratively upgraded on a path that constantly denies itself, and the tunnel egg washer is a new start. With automatic and efficient halo into the modern duck hatchery, make the vertical washer retired with honor after nearly 20 years.


With the efficiency of 86,000 eggs per hour, equivalent to 10-15 vertical egg washers, parallel pushing, avoid workers in the sodium hypochlorite environment. And this are several advantages  of tunnel egg washer.

7 new systems:


l Automatic pushing system. Release workers from high-intensity trolley work while avoiding exposure to sodium hypochlorite. One single system solved two problems.


l Automatic washing liquid switching system. Designed with two drug pools and two circulating pumps. One pond works, the other pond drainage system and water intake system start in turn according to the program, replace new washing liquid, reciprocating, to achieve automatic replacement of washing liquid without shut off machine.


l Automatic dispensing system. Water and sodium hypochlorite solution are added automatically in the process of egg washing, and drug supplement can be realized in working process, which solves the problem of concentration drop in the process of continuous egg washing and ensures the consistency of egg washing quality. Automatic dispensing can also prevent workers from exposed in sodium hypochlorite environment when pouring liquid. It also protects workers health.


l Spraying system. The circulating water enters multiple water pipes and flows through the small holes distributed on the uniform water pipes into the water distribution box. The bottom of the box is covered with holes. Sprinkle water on the top of the egg washer. The water flows evenly to the surface of each egg and washing the eggs. This system is to improve the washing effect.


l Hatching eggs washing system. After spraying, the remaining liquid on eggs must be rinsed. It used to be manual washing. Now, the equipment can automatically dilute and flush the residual liquid on egg surface, reduce the influence of the residual liquid on eggs, and protect incubator.


l Egg transferring system. Washing trolleys with interface which is easy to connect with egg trolley by parallel pushing. This can surely reduce labor intensity.


l Exhaust gas discharging system. The exhaust fan produces siphon effect at the air outlet, exhausting the waste gas produced by the egg washer.


As we can see, the design of tunnel egg washer is based on several key words about productivity, labor release and personnel health. Our design has always followed the principle of "people-oriented, automatic and efficient".



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