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Powerful system to solve pain points in the monitoring of hatchery


Qiangying Group Phase I Hatching Farm is a very large-scale duck hatchery with 220 duck tunnel setters and 216 circulation hatchers.

AIO Intelligent Network Monitoring System is the powerful system.


AIO Intelligent Network Monitoring System is EI-designed and using the Internet of things thinking to build an industrial network system for modern hatchery


The system can monitor the switch, fault, abnormal power failure and communication failure of the important incubation equipment in the production process. When the function state of the equipment changes, it will notify the server immediately and the real-time failure alarm panel. Whether the equipment is faulty or abnormal, managers can notice immediately. The staff can locate which equipment has failure alarm in a few seconds. The system is equipped with state table to monitor power failure in real time, and send out alarms in time in case any staff that forget to switch on the equipment.


EI Electronics has launched a seamless coverage wireless network for large number of equipment and large area of the incubation hall in Qiangying hatchery. The device is centrally integrated into the server through the intelligent gateway, and the server is connected to the wireless network. The deployment of 20 wireless AP in every corner of the hatch hall provides full coverage without dead angle WIFI signal. In any corner of the hall, the staff can get fault information in time by mobile phone APP.


The server configured for AIO Intelligent Network Monitoring System has powerful functions, comprehensive monitoring information, convenient remote parameter modification and convenient history query. The director can control all hatching equipment in office and improve the management efficiency of the director and staff.


The success of AIO Intelligent Network Monitoring System has enhanced the application ability of AIO Incubator Project in information technology, and solved the pain point in equipment monitoring and management. It is really help hatch and feeding enterprises to solve problems in production. 

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