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In the economic conference of CCP, agricultural supply reform is emphatically presented and has became the ‘Headline’ of China’s 2017 poultry & livestock husbandry industry. As Chinese new year is coming, we would like to extend new year greetings and heartfelt wishes to all friends, livestock associations and overseas friends. Thank you for all the time concern and support for EI Electronics.


Combat With Adversity In 2016
In 2016, as a pioneer of ‘Intelligent Breeding’, EI exhibits ‘Internet + Intelligent Breeding’ model in Shenyang Poultry Expo. Through ‘EI Cloud Server’, AIO intelligent network monitoring system realizes interconnection between hatchery and farms. This year, as the leader in system solutions for hatching and farming, EI has implemented a number of benchmarking hatchery and farm projects to further defend the leadership in the industry.
In 2016, EI almost won all major hatchery projects in China, like Yonghong, Shanxi Jinbei, Indonesia Liuhe and Haiyang Dadi. The EI high-end single stage incubators have repeatedly defeated international competitors with the excellent performance. The energy recovery system has been extended from previous incubator hall to the entire hatchery, and its performance and environmental contribution rate is superior to other products. Eggs candling and chicks processing have achieved complete automation, especially the promotion of candle robot, marking hatchery automation has entered the era of robot.
Farm projects also get a decent result, such as broiler cages project in Dexiang, Wens, Sunny. To further suit the market, EI establishes fan production line and enrich climate controller series.
This year, the overseas department deeply participates in international competition and acquire great success. New 57600 incubator debuts in Beijing VIV. EI attends Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Myanmar and Russia International Animal Husbandry Exhibitions to compete with foreign well-known brands and also visits several overseas customers... ... All the work aims to show EI brand value and strength to global customers and to be the world's most competitive hatching and farming solutions provider. EI Electronic is committed to create quality projects and accelerate the international strategy.
Look Forward to 2017
‘To create value for customers, To be centenary brand’is the vow of EI, and also the business idea for years. In 2017, we will continue to follow it and provide professional services for domestic and global market. With 30 years of experience, EI focuses on the research in future hatcheries and farms with ‘Internet + Intelligent’model.
In new year, EI will actively research green sustainable development of hatchery and farm, actively develop and promote environment-friendly intelligent breeding equipment and technology, faithfully fulfill the responsibility, create benefits for customers, and make contributions to the sustainable development of poultry industry and the improvement of environment.
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