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    Design of hatchery mainly contains two aspects: one is layout of one hatchery; another aspect is air conditioning system. These two aspects must be given full and overall consideration during designing process.

    Model and quantity of incubators must be defined per hatching quantity. Multi-stage tunnel-type incubators are recommended if your hatchery possesses a big scale and stable and sufficient egg source. Otherwise, single-stage box-type incubators are your best choices. Model and quantity of incubators can define construction of each function part in the hatchery and its dimension. A certain amount of space should be reserved for further production capacity expansion. Small room will bring inconvenience to coming production procedure so as to impact production efficiency. However, if inner space is too large, prophase expenditure will be wasted and future operation cost will be increased.
1.         Following functional rooms should be included in your hatchery: Men & Women Changing Room, Shower Room, Egg Storehouse, Fumigation Room, Duty Room, Distribution Room, Setter Room, Hatcher Room, Washing Room, Chick Storage & Delivery Room, etc. All these rooms should be arranged per orders of breeding eggs receiving, disinfection, storing, incubating, hatching, washing and delivery to make working procedure and epidemic prevention smooth and easy.
2.         The technique procedure described above cannot be overlapping or reverse, that is, Egg Storehouse→Setter Room→Hatcher Room→Chick Collecting Room→Washing Room.
3.         Waste water flows in the hatchery following this procedure:Egg Storehouse→Setter Room→Hatcher Room→Chick Collecting Room→Washing Room.
4.         Ventilation inside the hatchery goes through the following procedure:Egg Storehouse→Incubating→Hatching→Storage.
5.         Major parameters:
Ø Ventilation volume of Breeding Egg Storehouse:based on a quantity of 1000 breeding eggs,ventilation volume should be approx. 0.06m³/h. Fan mixing should also be set to make inside temp. even. Usual storage temp. for breeding eggs is 18℃~20℃ and humidity is 50%~60%.
Ø Chick Storage:Proper temp. should be 26℃~30℃ and humidity should be 60%~70%RH. Ventilation volume is calculated per 21.4m³/h every 1000 chicks. Volume for workers can be calculated per 34.2 m³/h every person.
Ø Ventilation in Setter Room is best enabled by intaking air under positive pressure and discharging normally. Air inlet volume for each box-type incubator is 400m³/h(800m³/h under enforced air cooling). That for every tunnel-type incubator is approx.800 m³/h.                                                                                                                                                
Ø Ventilation in Hatcher Room is best enabled by intaking air normally and discharging under negative pressure. Ventilation for each incubator is 400m³/h (800m³/h under enforced air cooling).
Ø Area of Egg Storehouse is calculated per 0.6~0.8m³ for every 10 K eggs. Area of chick Storage is 1.2~4m³ every thousand chicks. Area of Fumigation Room is integral multiple of that of trolleys you applied.
Ø For box-type incubators, span width for one hatchery can be 6m if machine quantity is small. In this case, only one row of incubators can be placed. If you have many machines in your hatchery, span width of the hatchery can be extended to 9m and two rows of machinery are available in this situation. If you have plenty of incubators to set up, span width of one hatchery can still be 9m but we recommend several hatcheries for your farm in this case. They can be separated by patios. We do not recommend more than 2 rows of machinery in one hatchery as it will not be favorable for ventilation and temp. control in summer.
Ø If there are few tunnel-type incubators to be arranged in a hatchery, suggested span width is 6m or 9m. If you have too many incubators, the width can be 15m to enhance space utility ratio. This width makes every operation proper and intelligent.
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