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Participate In 18th National Poultry Symposium Share ‘Hatch 4.0-Intelligent Factory’

From August 4 to 7, 2017, ‘The 10th Council of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society and also the 18th National Poultry Symposium’, hosted by China Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Branch, organized by Yunnan Agricultural University, was held in Kunming. More than 600 experts, academics and technical personnel from agricultural institutions, research institutes, poultry and related enterprises attended this event.

The symposium is themed on ‘Scientific and technological innovation in poultry industry in the background of Supply-side Reform’. New achievements and new technologies are discussed. Interaction of institutions and enterprises, and combination of scientific research and production has been promoted. Every technician has contributed to the development of modern poultry industry.

In the salon ‘Poultry Industry Intelligence, branding and Internet + build’, Chen Bin, Chief Engineer from EI Electronics, made a report on ‘Hatch 4.0-Intelligent Factory", sharing the new concept of ‘Hatch 4.0’ with scholars and entrepreneurs.



In the past 30 years, China's breeding industry has gone through rapid development, from traditional handwork to mechanization, from mechanization to automation, and then from automation to intelligence. Incubation, as a very important part of poultry production, is also a link updating in the fastest speed. As a witness and pioneer to hatchery evolution, EI would like to share the features and main technologies of four stages of hatching industry development in the past 30 years.

We define the hatchery from traditional artificial incubation to mechanical incubation as ‘Hatch 1.0’ stage, which probably lasts from 1980s to 2010. Its main features: hatching equipment update on incubator control technology and machine structure. Control technology is developing from early simulation technology to integrated circuit control to the current fuzzy control technology; Structure is changing from box type to tunnel type to now widely used single-stage large-capacity, and capacity varies from the previous hundreds of eggs, small machine, to now hundreds of thousands of eggs, large-capacity equipment. ‘Hatch 1.0’ stage represents technological progress of incubation equipment.

‘Hatch 2.0’ features automated production, which is the best embodiment of machine replacing manual in hatch production. It begins in 2010 during large hatcheries. Hatching automation includes egg processing equipment, automatic egg candle and transfer, chicks processing, etc. Now most of China’s modern hatchery stay at this stage. The application of these automations has greatly improved efficiency, and reduced number of personnel and labor intensity.

‘Hatch 3.0’ is to interconnect hatchery facilities through ‘Internet of Things’ technology, to achieve centralized monitoring and mobile Internet. This stage starts from 2015. At present, a few of large-scale enterprises has entered ‘Hatch 3.0’, and more hatcheries are approaching to this stage. The typical characteristics of this stage are equipment interoperability, intelligent logistics, information-based management. Based on deep integration of hatching, automation and logistics, the hatchery is evolving from individual automation to overall logistics automation and warehousing automation, and the logistics automation is extended to the outside of hatchery, including raw material logistics automation and product logistics automation. The advanced information scheduling system helps to create a loop-locked logistics system tracking eggs coming, production, chicks delivery system, as well as production statues WIP (working in process) and monitoring. The biggest advantage of this stage is to hatch in accordance with predefined program by hatchery management system and that improves production management convenience as a variety of production reports can be automatically generated.

‘Hatch 4.0’ is based on integration of logistics automation and information, which uses large data, cloud computing, to achieve intelligent incubation. Through the acquisition of large data in production of hatching, use cloud computing to get optimal process system, to create a knowledge base for decision-making, which clearly points out business objectives and profit growth rate, and ultimately to build an efficient, energy saving, green, comfortable, transparent, intelligent hatchery. Based on hatching large data and cloud computing analysis, customers would be guided to optimize hatch technology and adjust air conditioner according to egg types, egg ages and embryo ages; With the help of automation system, labor intensity, production costs, staff number can be reduced until the unattended incubation.


With advantages of complete hatchery design, EI Electronics has set up ‘Hatch 4.0’ model, and will gradually turn it into reality in the next few years. ‘Hatch 4.0’ is coincident with German ‘Industrial 4.0’ and China national strategy ‘Made in China 2025’. Soon ‘Hatch 4.0’ model will be presented in front of the world, and once again EI Electronic is at the forefront of times, leading domestic and global poultry industry to the direction of intelligence.

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