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Fully Automatic Broiler Cages Open Intelligent Industrialized Breeding Mode

 In recent years, white feather broiler breeding has seen rapid development, especially the large-scale application of laminated broiler cages which significantly increased breeding efficiency of white feather broiler and also widely replaced conventional floor breeding and free breeding. The density of the broiler cages is 2~4 times higher than that of floor breeding, and that greatly improves utilization rate of poultry house and saves the land. At the same time, the automatic control of feeding, drinking, manure clearing, chicken delivery and environment enormously reduces labor cost and intensity. In view of the changes in broiler farming mode and rapid popularization of cages in China, the SUNNER Group has studied broiler cage equipment since 2015.


In early 2016, SUNNER Group started to set up the project. In June, it began bidding. The project includes complete equipment of 6 chicken houses. A total of 4 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises attend the bidding with a result that EI Electronics successfully won the bidding of 5 houses.



At the end of November, the formal design and contract details was finalized. Next month, the contract was signed. SUNNER project includes: automatic cage equipment, automatic chicken delivery system, automatic manure cleaning system, EI-TOUCH intelligent controller, poultry house environment control system, poultry house illumination system, heating system, feeding system, as well as professional services, like training of operation, maintenance and breeding technique.


The total investment of this project reaches 60 million Yuan. With the most advanced and the highest degree of automation, the total 6 cage houses can breed 440,000 broilers one batch as each house for 75,000 broilers, and these numbers are 2.5 times of floor breeding. Automatic manure clearing and automatic chicken delivery are applied to separate chicken with dirty which greatly improves breeding condition and effectively reduces dosage and drug residues.



At present, the installation and test is nearing completion and it is expected to be put into operation in September.

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