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Single-stage incubation equipment is being gradually accepted by customers in China and overseas because of its flexible incubation methods, convenient sanitation and epidemic prevention and chicks with better quality. The new type 57600 series incubation equipment recently launched by EI electronics is a single-stage incubation equipment specially developed addressing these needs and for overseas market.
  Ventilation window
The ventilation window is a device for supplying fresh air to the poultry house and adjusting the negative pressure in the poultry house. When the fan is turned on, under the action of negative pressure, fresh air enters the poultry house through the ventilation window. With the increase of the number of fans, the negative pressure in the poultry house increases, and the opening of the ventilation window increases
  Feed tower
The feed tower is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate, and the upper cone and the lower cone are designed to facilitate the smooth flow of feed into the conveying system. The tower body is sealed around to ensure that the feed will not be affected with damp
  Automatic egg plate device
  Egg dish washer
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