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Locating in Qingdao City, China, Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd( an affiliated company of the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. Ever since it launched its first incubator in 1984, Xingyi has devoted all the efforts to research, production and service of incubation and breeding equipment under EI brand. After 30 years of development, it has grown into the strongest R&D and production base in China with the largest scale and the most sales volume.
Up to the present, Qingdao Xingyi has spent 30 years researching and manufacturing incubation equipment and accumulated more than 10 years of development experience in the fields of breeding system and automation equipment in hatcheries. Its absolute leading position among Chinese suppliers of breeding equipment benefits from thorough research of incubation projects, continuous accumulation of breeding technology and precious knowledge and experience gained from design and implementation of total solutions for modern incubation and breeding projects.
All these years, Qingdao Xingyi has focused on the progress of modern breeding technology of China. Meanwhile, it is also intent on offering service for global customers in breeding industry. EI products have been popular domestically and been sold to more than 30 countries and districts like Nigeria,Chile, Germany, Egypt, Korea, Thailand, Russia, etc. It provides not only breeding equipment with high quality and most effective solutions, but also professional suggestions on construction of hatcheries and breeding farms as well as equipment reformation. 
After years of steeling and expansion, Qingdao Xingyi has cultivated a team which possesses innovative thoughts, masters advanced technology and pursues perfect quality. It establishes an effective quality control system and is ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Security System certified. Modern R&D and production bases of Xingyi have been set up in Qingdao and Bengbu City. It also constructs sales and service networks in all provinces of China and many foreign countries…. Xingyi has never halted exploration and development of total solutions and full set of products to cater for development of global breeding industry. The value and worldwide influence of EI brand are increased by relentless innovation and promotion of advanced technology and concepts. Xingyi team will remain committed to build EI a lifetime honored brand heart and soul.          

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