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First rate selling team
Our company divides national market into eight selling areas. Each area is served by one regional manager and several sales persons. They can respond customers’ various requirements very fast and provide comprehensive product information and thoughtful machinery selection service for our customers.
Expanding overseas market
Our company sets a special department to take charge of overseas marketing and selling. Our products have been sold to Africa, America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, we have also developed long-term distribution channels in some countries, like Russia, South Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, etc, which lies foundation for overseas market expansion. International sales persons with rich experience are arranged to serve global clients. In foreseeable future, we believe that Xingyi will become a global-level supplier for poultry incubating and breeding equipment and will enter the list of world renowned brands.
Excellent sales achievements
Our national sales value has been on the top for several years which leads to an occupation of over 70% of domestic market shares. With the development of domestic poultry breeding industry, annual sales value of EI brand electronics has continuously broken sales records of Chinese companies engaged in incubating and breeding equipment manufacture. At present, domestic and overseas selling jobs are making progress simultaneously. We strongly believe that the annual sales value of 1000 million RMB can be achieved during the twelfth “Five Year Plan”.
Strategic cooperation bringing about mutual benefit and win-win
Faced with the all the more competitive national market, our company adjusts customer-penetration strategy fast and sets up strategic cooperation with national well-known VIPs to build up a new interaction mode resulting in mutual benefit and double win. We are now reforming and perfecting VIP service mechanism to offer total solutions and green service express regarding modern production plans for hatcheries and breeding farms.
All-round influence penetration
Having development of China’s poultry breeding industry in mind, our company strives to realize its all-round influence penetration and provide comprehensive service to the industry. When the sales persons supply service, they also widely participate in seminars regarding poultry breeding and shows about animal husbandry. For the sake of extended influence of Xingyi, our staffs are trying to integrate relevant fields like biotechnology and total solution generation into the breeding industry to prolong the business chain and interact as well as communicate with partners inside of the business.

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